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We want introduce bitQR talking about the story of Paul. Paul thinks that his world contains objects that could be more useful if connected to internet. The souvenirs that Paul bought during his holidays could be connected with the pictures of the beautiful places where they come from, the Nespresso with the e-commerce where Paul can buy his favourite coffee, the cooker with the food blog etc... In his free time Paul realizes wonderful sculptures, could be great connect his works with the Paul's contacts and with the info about how to buy his operas. BitQR can help Paul and his objects. For this reason that Paul created a free account on bitQR and started creating codes to tag himself and his world. Now Paul's objects contain a code with info and links about them. On every Paul's sculpture there is his personal code and people can contact him also if Paul changes his phone number, this because Paul changed his number on bitQR but the tag that Paul attached to his works remain the same! If you think that bitQR can help you, start using it and, if you want, leave a feedback about how we can improve the service.

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What is a QR Code?

A QR Code allows you to connect reality to internet data in an easy way. You just need a smartphone and QR code reader: make a photo and a web page will be opened in your phone's browser.

About bitQR

The bitQR's story talks about a group of guys that believe internet can be merged with reality. Mobile devices allow people to access the web from everywhere. We believe that QR Codes can help us to achieve our goal. We would like build easy to use tools with which people can connect their world to internet. We know that it is a really hard work for this reason if you have issues using our website or if you think that we can do better, PLEASE, give us a feedback or contact us. Lets real world objects communicate with the Web, don't allow reality to limit your world.